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Step 1 - Introduction & Preperation

Step 2 - Drawing & Building your Car
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              Part 2
              Part 3

Step 3 - Coloring your Car

Step 4 - Adjusting Car Scale & Alignment

Step 5 - Adding Car Wheels

Step 6 - Setting up Car Stat & Physics

Step 7 - Test Driving your Car

Step 7 - Test Driving your Car

Now its time to test drive your car!
Go to the "Test Drive" tab in the 3D Edit, select whether you want to test drive the car with other cars or alone and click "TEST DRIVE!".

Since this is your first time testing the car, it is recommended testing it alone first, without other cars in the stage, so that you are able to get a clear feel of your car's driving without any other cars distracting you.

After test driving your car you will return back to the Test Drive tab in the Car Maker but this time you will find some buttons that have appeared.
Please notice the "Rate Car Handling" button.

When you complete the test drive, if you still want the car to perform differently edit the stat and physics and try the test drive again.
Once you are satisfied with your car's performance and think this is how it should perform, click the "Rate Car Handling" button to rate its handling!

The handling of the car is basically what you think of your car's driving.
Is it an easy car to drive or not?
Does one need to get used to its driving first before being able to use it properly?
Is it hard to do stunts with?
These are the type of questions you need to ask your self when rating the car's handling!

For our car, we have decided to give it a low handling rating (50%), because it is a very bouncy car and not always easy to control.

Have you rated your car's handling? Don't forget to press Save!

Your car is now ready for Publishing.
Now you can publish your car to the multiplayer game and play with it against others online!

You can publish your car as a Private, Public or Super Public car.
Private, means only you can play with your car and no one else can use it.
Public, means anyone can play with your car not only you.
Super Public, means anyone can play with your car and can download it as well to get its code.

Public cars get featured in the Top 20 Car Lists, if you publish your car as a Public or Super Public car and many people play with it, it might just get in the Top 20s and bring you fame!

The End!

Having trouble understanding something? Find help in the Car Maker Forums!

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