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Step 1 - Introduction & Preperation

Step 2 - Drawing & Building your Car
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              Part 2
              Part 3

Step 3 - Coloring your Car

Step 4 - Adjusting Car Scale & Alignment

Step 5 - Adding Car Wheels

Step 6 - Setting up Car Stat & Physics

Step 7 - Test Driving your Car

Step 1 - Introduction & Preperation

Welcome to Car Maker, Simple Car Tutorial.

Car Making may seem like it's hard and complex from the outside, even though it is in reality quite easy once you understand how it works.
That's why it is important to read this tutorial to start.
Following this tutorial word for word will give you the ability to create any car you want!

First off before doing anything you will need to have the following items:

1- You will need to have downloaded the Car Maker by downloading the game.
2- A Drafting Pencil (with a pointy tip preferably 0.5) you can also use a Normal Pencil but try to keep it sharp most of the time.
3- An Eraser.
4- A Ruler (preferably one with Centimeters, if not found Inches will work as well).
5- Blank sheets of paper!

Did you get all these items? if yes,

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Having trouble understanding something? Find help in the Car Maker Forums!

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