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Additional helpful car making & publishing information!

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Discuss car making, find helpful info. and share your car ideas!

Links to other Need for Madness sites and forums!

> The Official AIM Games Forums (must see)
Forums dedicated to Need for Madness!
It started mostly out of players desire to edit/hack Need for Madness to create and add their own cars and stages to the game! Thanks to these forums, all the people who contributed and the content that came out of it; we learned about this phenomenon of the players need and ability to create their own Need for Madness. We had no idea people would be able to understand the code and be able edit the game to such and extent.
Now the main reason why the Car Maker & Stage Maker exists today is because of this site and everyone who contributed to it!
> You can find excellent techniques in editing Need for Madness there, a lot of car & stage making helpful information and general Need for Madness information as well.

Need for Madness Wiki
A Wiki Page dedicated to sharing your knowledge about the various things in the Need For Madness Series, such as cars, stages, games, and more.
It has 240 articles in its Wiki and 10,755 contribution made so far.

The Need for Madness Facebook Group!
The highly active and official Need for Madness group on Facebook!
(You will need to click the button "Ask to Join" in order to be added to this group.)

The Need for Madness Facebook Page!
The official Facebook page that announces all the resent updates and development in Need for Madness.

The Need for Madness Video Portal!
The official Need for Madness video portal at Vidmy.com where you can watch and share videos!

> Do you know of any other Need for Madness sites or forums that should be featured here?
Let us know about it, contact us here.

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